Putting an END to fashion industry ABUSE

27 Mar


Sexual harassment, wage theft, abuse, child labor, backstage privacy, financial transparency, cocaine, depression, eating disorders, human trafficking, fashion law and fashion piracy. What do all of these issues have in common? They are all issues faced in the Fashion Industry, many of which dramatically impact hard working and fragile models in the industry.

After the president, Joe Hernandez Founder, Chairman and CEO of our non-profit organization, F.A.M.E – Team for Fashion, Art, Music, Education made me aware of some of these issues, the endeavor to educate myself on the depth of issues faced in the industry began. I read through over 25 articles and documents on all the above described issues.

It was shocking that these issues were faced as recently as a sexual harassment incident broadcasted yesterday, March 26th, 2012 on ABC News. (Refer to links below) Models work long hours without breaks, work for months without receiving pay, are sexually harassed and taken advantage of, become depressed and suicidal through food deprivation coercion, manifest eating disorders such as anorexia , receive no support from the legal system, have no medical assistance, no legal representation and MUCH more.

Below are a few articles on issues faced by today’s models:

Joe and I spent countless hours discussing these matters and began immediate research and development on methods and systems to amend on the already protective arts regulations and mission of our organization. As representatives of the Fashion, Art and Music industry within our community, it is the mission and duty of our organization to provide the means necessary to educate and protect our local Models and designers from the aforementioned issues.

As we delved deeply into the subject matter, reading article after article and even digging into the political representation and involvements from proposed laws (3728 IDPPPA, HR2196 DPPA) forward to the senate in D.C and New York and other non-profits (Model Alliance, CFDA) raising awareness in New York and London, it was clear that we needed to fill a void for these issues within our state of Washington. There is a huge deprivation in support provided to models and designers and regulations protecting them in the industry. We are strong and active in the pursuit for justice and safety provided to the artists within the arts industries we facilitate as an organization.

F.A.M.E will work in collaboration with agencies such as Model Alliance, CFDA, NAACP, AEA, AGMA, AFL-CIO and local government officials to introduce Fashion Fair Labor laws and regulations that will improve labor conditions for models and designers in WA State, meanwhile supporting nationwide standardization in collaboration with Model Alliance and CFDA’s present movements.

Below are some of the issues being discussed and in which regulations are sought out to be established for in Washington State:

  • Child labor law enforcement
  • Designer Copyright Protection
  • Financial transparency
  • Sexual harassment protection (confidential grievance reporting)
  • Compulsory schooling enforcement
  • Mental and physical well-being awareness
  • Code of conduct regulations for industry personnel (castings, shoots, shows)
  • Usage rights for photo and film
  • Labor enforced breaks
  • Backstage privacy regulations (Invasive photography privacy and protection)
  • Models Bill of Rights

Below are some benefits amended as support to our F.A.M.E members:

  • WA State Fashion Fair Labor regulation enforcement
  • Sexual harassment advice, support and counseling
  • Advice on contracts and agent relationships
  • Free legal help and representation
  • Insurance coverage (accidents, claims, facial disfigurement)
  • Copyright advice and legal support
  • Photography and cosmetology discounts

Visit Fame The Team Official Page to see the details of our present mission and to become a member to assist us in our movement in creating a safe and fair environment for the models of the fashion industry.

Also, stay in touch with our movements on our social networking sites:




Zahir Narsisto Rodulfo (Article writer, 03/27/12)
F.A.M.E the team, Vice President (Admin, Marketing, PR & Director of Music/Dance Programs)

Joe Hernandez
F.A.M.E the team, Founder/Chairman/CEO

LEGAL NOTICE: This blog is not intended for any unlawful purpose. No information contained herein should be construed by the reader or their representatives as a form of assistance, encouragement, or complicity in any action to knowingly or willingly violate or circumvent any state or federal law, including but not limited to providing false information to an insurer, and/or state or federal agency. FAME Team strongly recommends that the reader or their representative consult their attorney before undertaking any action discussed herein to determine that the action does not violate state or federal law.

WARRANTIES & REPRESENTATIONS: FAME Team makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this blog, including any attachment(s) thereto. The information contained herein is provided for the convenience of the reader without any warranty of any kind, express or implied, and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or entity. FAME Team recommends that the intended reader always consult their own attorney, accountant or tax adviser with regard to their individual situation.


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